RESERVATION CONDITIONS AND GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE OF THE PREMISES BY THE CUSTOMER Bartosz Wilczyński - a company under which Bartosz Wilczyński (hereinafter referred to as "Staywin"), who is a party to the Apartment rental agreement for a holiday or tourist stay with the Client, conducts business activities, based in Gdańsk 80-453, ul. Kunickiego 39, NIP number: 5842430933.
Customer – a natural or legal person who is a party to an agreement for the temporary use of residential premises (apartment rental agreement for a holiday or tourist stay) at Staywin's disposal.
Apartment or Premises - residential premises, described in detail in the offer presented on the website, which the Customer rents for a temporary stay for recreational or tourist purposes.

§ 1
General provisions
1. These general terms and conditions of use of the premises (hereinafter referred to as the "General Terms and Conditions") constitute an integral part of the Apartment rental agreement for a holiday or tourist stay concluded between the Customer and Staywin, or an attorney representing Staywin.
2. Staywin declares that under the agreement with the owner of the residential premises, hereinafter referred to as the Apartment, Staywin is entitled, as part of the lease management, to provide services of temporarily making the Apartment available to customers for short-term recreational or tourist stays.
3. By concluding a rental agreement with Staywin, the Customer also consents to the processing of his or her personal data for the purposes necessary to complete the reservation process and for marketing purposes in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws No. 133/1997). item 833).

§ 2
1. The current catalog of Apartments for short-term tourist rental along with their detailed description is available on the website
2. The Customer can make Apartment reservations online at, electronically (e-mail) or by phone. The Client declares that he is an adult and has full legal capacity.
3. After booking the Apartment, the Customer receives by e-mail (to the e-mail address provided by the Customer when booking the Apartment) a confirmation of the Apartment reservation (hereinafter referred to as the "Reservation Confirmation"), containing a description of the Apartment, place, time and fee for lease and method of payment. If the e-mail is not received, the Customer is obliged to contact the reservation center by phone within 24 hours. Confirmation of the Reservation constitutes the conclusion of the Apartment rental agreement on the terms and conditions specified in the Reservation Confirmation and these General Terms and Conditions, which constitute an integral part of the rental agreement.
4. Photos and descriptions on the website are for information purposes only and do not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of Article 66, paragraph 1 of the Civil Code.

§ 3
Service fee and payment terms:
1. The fee for renting an apartment for a tourist stay is always specified in the Reservation Confirmation (§ 2 section 3 of the General Terms and Conditions).
2. The fee indicated in the price offer on the website and in the Reservation Confirmation includes 8% tax on goods and services.
3. The service fee does not include additional cleaning, additional replacement of bed linen and towels, rental of a baby cot, pet stay and the cost of parking.

4. It's possible to buy the baby cot and a parking place for an addicional payment (the reservation and the payment for the parking place should be made at the moment of reservation). If client want to buy a baby cot, he should reserve it before arrival. The payment should be regulated at the check -in. Reservation of the baby cot costs 123 zlotys. 

5. It's possible to stay in the apartment with the pet if the weight of the pet does not exceed 10 kg. Client should inform that he wants to stay in the apartment with the pet before arrival, the payment should be made at the check in. The payment for staying with the pet is 100 zlotys. If the reservation last longer than one week, the payment for staying with the pet can be higher. 

 6. When making an online reservation, the Customer secures the reservation with a payment card. In the case of a non-refundable booking, payment is taken at any time, usually the next day after booking. In the case of a reservation with the possibility of free cancellation up to 7 days before accommodation, the card is charged no earlier than 7 days before accommodation in the apartment.
7. To secure any claims for compensation, Staywin has the right to pre-authorize the deposit in the amount of PLN 400. The deposit is interest-free and is released on the 14th day from the date the funds are blocked.

Change and cancellation of the reservation by the Customer

1. Changing the reservation is possible more than 7 days before arrival, only if the apartment is available on the new date proposed by the Customer. It is not possible to change the reservation date if it was made as a non-refundable reservation.

2. When changing the reservation is not possible and the Customer has withdrawn from the contract, canceled the reservation or has not fulfilled the terms of the contract (no arrival), Staywin has the right to retain the payment for the reservation. 

3. If the client withdraw from the contract through no fault of Staywin, he or she bears the entire cost of the reservation. In this case, the payment for reservation is non-refundable.

§ 5
Change and cancellation of reservation by Staywin
1. Staywin may change the reservation only in the event of force majeure, which prevents Staywin from fulfilling the service. Force majeure means: natural disasters, seizure of the apartment by any state authority for any purpose, strikes, wars and riots, and deprivation of the apartment of electricity, gas, heating energy or water by suppliers of these utilities without Staywin's fault. In the event of force majeure, Staywin is obliged to offer the Customer another apartment or another rental period or withdraw from the contract by refunding the reservation fee to the Customer. 
2. In exceptional situations (failure in the apartment or other random event), Staywin reserves the right to provide a replacement apartment with parameters and area similar to the booked apartment, in the same town. If the Customer does not consent to a replacement apartment, the contract is terminated and Staywin is obliged to refund the reservation fee paid by the Customer. 
3. In the event of a change or cancellation of the reservation by Staywin for reasons not mentioned in section 1 or 2 above, Staywin is obliged to return to the Customer the reservation fee paid by him. 

§ 6
Rules of the client's stay in the apartment
1. The stay in the Apartment starts from 3 p.m. on the first day of the booked date. The customer is obliged to collect the apartment at the time agreed by the parties, checking its technical condition and cleanliness. If arrival is planned at times other than the working hours of the Staywin office, the Customer is obliged to notify Staywin at least 24 hours before arrival. In case of arrival after office hours, an additional fee of PLN 30 applies.
2. The stay ends at 10.30 a.m. on the last day of the booked date. Until 10.30 or another time agreed with Staywin, the Customer is obliged to return the keys to the apartment to Staywin.
3. The customer is obliged to comply with night curfew, occupational health and safety and fire protection rules of the facility. Between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. any behavior that disturbs residents' relaxation is prohibited.
4. The Customer undertakes to use the Apartment in accordance with its intended purpose, not to remove any elements of its equipment and decorations from the Apartment, and also undertakes not to copy the keys to the Apartment given to him during his stay.
5. Smoking in the Apartment, on the balcony or terrace is prohibited. A customer who does not comply with this prohibition will be charged a fee of PLN 400, equivalent to the cost of washing curtains and bedspreads in the apartment.
6. The Customer is obliged to secure the Apartment each time he leaves it, locking the windows and entrance door and taking careful care of the key.
7. The Client undertakes to ensure that the number of people staying with him in the Apartment does not exceed that specified as the maximum in the catalog on the website or in the Reservation Confirmation.
8. The Client undertakes not to keep animals in the Apartment (unless otherwise agreed with Staywin accordingly to previous regulations of this statute).

9. The Client and his/her accompanying persons are obliged to allow their temporary check-in to the Apartment by Staywin, presenting appropriate documents (ID card, passport).
10. During their stay in the Apartment, the Customer has the right to submit any comments and requests to the telephone number provided in the written information in the Apartment. The customer is obliged to report any missing equipment or damages in the apartment to Staywin within 3 hours from receiving the keys to the Apartment. Failure to report any deficiencies is tantamount to confirmation by the Customer that the equipment is complete and the apartment is free of damages. 
11. The Customer is fully liable for damage to the Apartment or its equipment and to the common property, including the common parts of the building in which the Apartment is located as well as to neighboring apartments, not resulting from the normal use of the Apartment, caused by the Customer and by persons staying with him in the Apartment.
12. The Customer is obliged to repair damage caused to the Apartment and to third parties, both in the Apartment and in the common properties, including the common parts of the building and neighboring premises, by himself and the persons for whom he is responsible. The customer is obliged to inform Staywin about any defects, damage or damage caused by him and the persons for whom he is responsible.
13. To secure the fulfillment of the obligation referred to in the preceding paragraph, Staywin blocks the deposit referred to in § 3 section on the Customer's card. 10, when handing out the keys to the Apartment. The deposit must be unblocked within 14 days from the moment it is blocked, after deducting the equivalent of any damages.
14. In the event of damage caused by the Customer or other persons staying in the Apartment, during the Customer's rental of the Apartment, to the substance or equipment of the Apartment or common parts of the building, resulting from its improper use, the costs of repairing the damage will be fully covered by the Customer by retention by Staywin part or all of the deposit and/or charging the Customer's credit card. The repair cost will be estimated based on local market prices.
15. Deducting the amount due from the deposit does not exclude Staywin from pursuing claims for damages incurred whose value exceeds the deposit collected. The customer is obliged to pay the full amount to cover the damage caused within 5 days of receiving a written request from Staywin.
16. The Customer is fully responsible for the keys to the Apartment and remote controls for the entrance gates entrusted to him (if the reservation includes a garage space). Losing a key or remote control is subject to an additional fee of PLN 500.

§7. End of stay
1. On the day of departure, the Customer is obliged to leave the premises by 10.30
2. The customer is obliged to return the keys and gate remote controls received at the time of check-in to the STAYWIN office

§8. Complaints
1. Complaints should be understood as all requests, complaints and grievances of the Customer regarding:
a. conditions of stay in the rented Apartment that differ from the standard specified in the offer available on the website
b. customer service standards
c. circumstances dependent on Staywin that have a significant impact on the standard of stay in the Apartment.
2. Complaints should be reported to Staywin in writing, oral form (by reporting by phone or in the office) or by mail. 
3. The person making the complaint in written form or by mail, should provide his/her personal data along with the current correspondence address, e-mail address, contact telephone number and reservation number.
4. The complaint should include the name of the premises occupied by the complainant and a complete description of the situation subject to the complaint, as well as a precise description of the claim.
5. Complaints having the required form and content will be considered within 14 business days from the date of their receipt by Staywin.

§ 9
Limitation of Liability
1. Staywin is not responsible for difficulties in access to the reservation system on the website for reasons beyond Staywin's control. Staywin may suspend access to the website for the period necessary to remove technical and organizational obstacles.
2. Neither Staywin nor the owner of the Apartment are responsible for the Customer's property left in the Apartment, in particular for its loss or damage.
3. Neither Staywin nor the owner of the Apartment are responsible for any inconvenience that may occur during the Customer's stay in the Apartment, for reasons not attributable to Staywin or the owner, in particular caused by interruption in the supply of electricity, gas, water, as well as maintenance works. in the building where the Apartment is located and inside and outside the building.